Foods to avoid for glowing skin in 2020

20 February 2020

We all know that the largest organ in the human body is skin. We all try so hard to get that perfect glow on the skin. We all have also spent huge amount of hours trying to hide the imperfections on the skin. But have you ever thought as to what is causing the skin issue? If there is a problem there definitely will be a root to the cause. We all come across the saying that what goes inside us is what gets reflected on the skin. And this holds true for every single one of us. What we eat plays a very important role as to how we feel inside and out. When it comes to getting radiant clear and glowing skin the diet of a person plays a very big role. There are a number of evidences that shows a strong and firm link between the food that we consume on a daily basis and how our skin feels and behave. It is not true that you will magically have an amazing clear skin with a perfect diet plan but it will definitely make a huge difference to your skin and issues such as eczema, acne and other skin disease.

Here are a few points that you should be aware of about achieving a clean and healthy skin-

  • There are a number of studies that show that having a balanced diet that contains lean protein, fruits, healthy oils and vegetables can improve the skin health
  • There are many researches that shows that having food such as fat, sugar and certain carbohydrates can lead to causing dull skin and blemishes
  • It is also advisable to have a diet that is rich in antioxidants

Food to avoid for a blemish free skin

Blemish or commonly called as acne or pimple is a common issue in people. These are mainly seen in people who have recently hit puberty. But at times adult acne is also seen. Having those red bumps on the skin can not just affect your skin but at times affect you emotionally and bring down your confidence. So, here is a list of food that you should avoid for a blemish free skin.

Consuming High glycemic food-

Food such as white rice, pasta, sugar rich food can spike the level of insulin in the body of a person. There are a number of studies that show that having low- glycemic food can improve the insulin sensitivity that can reduce acne in people. Going by a study, that was published in the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology shows that having a high-protein and low glycemic food can help in reducing the acne lesions with 2 months. You however do not have to completely cut down the sugar or food with high glycemic index. Just limiting it will be fine.


There are still many discussions that go on the affect of dairy on the skin and acne. But there are people who suffer from acne on taking dairy products. It is especially meant for people who are lactose intolerant and therefore they can suffer from increase in the inflammation and breakouts on the skin of the person.


Coffee is something that people usually go for waking up each morning. It is with coffee that they start their day with. Having a cup of coffee has a number of health benefits but when the number of cups increases it can then have an adverse effect on the skin and health of a person. Coffee is considered to be a diuretic and therefore it causes dehydration in the person by causing excessive urination. At times having too much of coffee can also affect the sleep of a person that is very important for a healthy and slowing skin.

Food to avoid for glowing skin

The beauty industry is obsessed with having a glowing skin. When look in the market you will find a number of products and face packs that claims to help your face glow. But is very important to understand that glowing skin can be achieved from within. So, here are a few foods to avoid that can take away the glow from your skin-


Having alcohol is very harmful to health of a person. Alcohol is diuretic that can lead to causing excessive urination and causes dehydration of the skin. This can therefore make your skin rough and dry. Too much of alcohol can also cause premature ageing of the skin.

Road side food

We all love to have those deeply fried foods on the streets. They are not just pocket friendly but also full of flavors. But these are very harmful to your health and skin. Having such food can lead to slowing down the blood circulation in the body and therefore cause the skin pores to clog thus leading to skin damage.

Chips and wafers

We all love the crispy taste of wafers that burst out giving different flavors in the mouth. But these chips and wafers are not something our skin likes. Chips and salts are, mostly loaded with salt that can lead to inflammation. So, for the betterment of the skin it is best to avoid that gorgeous bag of chips.

Food that accelerates aging process

We all love to loom young. The age spots and wrinkles that come with aging can affect how we look and feel. Another blooming topic in the health industry is the anti-aging topic. The hectic life today has made premature aging a common issue in people. There are certain food that can accelerate the ageing process in a person. So, here are a few foods that you must avoid to the issue of aging in people.

Doughnuts and pastries

We are all aware that soul food doughnuts and pastries are rich in sugar. According to certain studies it is seen that taking sugary food can lead to developing to wrinkles.

Fatty meats

They are also rich in saturated fats. It is best to have lean meat that is good for your skin and health. So, when you choose to have meat go for ground beef that is 95 percent lean. Also choose ground chicken breast and turkey breast. Following this for a few months will show a positive result on the skin and health of a person.

Having processed meat

Processed meat is a great to taste but they are also rich in saturated fats. These are also rich in nitrates. These saturated fats and nitrates are a important factor for causing inflammation and premature aging of the skin.